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The Finance Accounting Modeling and Valuation: The Finance, Accounting, Modeling and Valuation

Best Seller 55 Lectures 4h 18m 44s
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Curriculum For This Course

  • 1. Why is the Income Statement Important & How Can It Help You Achieve Your Goals 1m 53s
  • 2. Income Statement Explanation 3m 57s
  • 3. Income Statement Example and Analysis 8m 48s
  • 4. Income Statement Analysis Exercise 1m 7s
  • 5. Income Statement Analysis Exercise Answers Explanations 2m 57s
  • 1. Why is the Balance Sheet Important & How Can It Help You Achieve Your Goals 1m 11s
  • 2. Balance Sheet Explanation 2m 4s
  • 3. Balance Sheet Example and Analysis 8m 40s
  • 4. Balance Sheet Analysis Exercise 59s
  • 5. Balance Sheet Analysis Exercise Answer Explanations 2m 39s
  • 1. Why is the Cash Flow Statement Important+How Can It Help You Achieve Your Goals 1m 25s
  • 2. Cash Flow Statement Explanation 2m 9s
  • 3. Cash Flow Statement Example and Analysis 6m 34s
  • 4. Cash Flow Statement Analysis Exercise 35s
  • 5. Cash Flow Statement Analysis Exercise Answer Explanations 2m 8s
  • 6. Financial Statement Analysis Conclusion (How All 3 Statements Are Related) 2m 17s
  • 1. Why is Financial Modeling Important & How Can It Help You Achieve Your Goals 2m 5s
  • 2. Financial Modeling Best Practices 5m 13s
  • 1. Why is Investor Relations+SEC.Gov Important & How Can It Help Me Build Models? 1m 47s
  • 2. Introduction to Investor Relations (A Great Model Data Source) 11m 1s
  • 3. SEC.gov is Another Great Model Resource 7m 7s
  • 4. Yahoo Finance is Also a Great Model Resource 5m 28s
  • 5. What Quarterly Earnings Call & Why Is It Important for Modeling Purposes? 4m 36s
  • 1. Case Study Introduction and What You Will Learn in this Section 1m 56s
  • 2. Qualitative Analysis on LinkedIn 2m 22s
  • 3. What is the Total Addressable Market for LinkedIn and Why is this Important? 6m 10s
  • 4. LinkedIn Model Introduction 4m 15s
  • 5. LinkedIn Model Discussion in More Detail (Historical Data Only) 17m 47s
  • 6. Forecasting the LinkedIn Model 16m 35s
  • 1. Financial Modeling Exercises Introduction 51s
  • 2. Financial Modeling Exercise 3m 33s
  • 3. Modeling Exercise Answer Explanations 10m 9s
  • 1. Introduction to Valuation 1m 19s
  • 2. More Detail on Growth Versus Value and P/E + P/R + DCF Overview 4m 21s
  • 1. What is DCF, Why is it Important and How Does it Work? 6m 17s
  • 2. Calculating the Terminal Value 2m 43s
  • 3. Calculating the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) 6m 23s
  • 4. DCF Example 7m 45s
  • 5. DCF Exercise 1m 57s
  • 6. DCF Exercise Answer Explanations Part 1 of 2 19m 28s
  • 7. DCF Exercise Answer Explanations Part 2 of 2 10m 31s
  • 1. What is Price / Revenue and Why Do We Need to Base a Target Price on this Ratio? 2m 11s
  • 2. Price to Revenue Example 1m 44s
  • 3. Price to Revenue Exercise Answer Explanations 5m 14s
  • 1. Introduction to P/E and Why it Matters 2m 48s
  • 2. Price to Earnings Example 2m 29s
  • 3. Price to Earnings Exercise Answer Explanations 5m 44s
  • 4. Additional Valuation Methodologies 1m 39s
  • 1. Introduction to Formulas 38s
  • 2. Amazing Formulas to Assess Financials 7m 30s
  • 3. Discussion of the Answers to the Formulas Exercise 10m 24s

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