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AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

Best Seller 73 Lectures 7h 6m 11s
Prepare for your Microsoft examination with our training course. The AZ-500 course contains a complete batch of videos that will provide you with profound and thorough knowledge related to Microsoft certification exam. Pass the Microsoft AZ-500 test with flying colors.
Curriculum For This Course

  • 1. Lecture: Defense in Depth 1m 55s
  • 2. Lecture: Security Layers 5m 50s
  • 3. Lecture: Compliance and Security Requirements 7m 40s
  • 1. Lecture: Azure Active Directory (AD) Overview 3m 12s
  • 2. Demo: Create Azure AD Tenant 5m 9s
  • 3. Demo: Move Subscription to another Directory 3m 39s
  • 4. Demo: Create Users and Groups 5m 12s
  • 5. Demo: Self-Service Password Reset 3m 29s
  • 6. Lecture: AD Connect Overview 4m 49s
  • 7. Demo: Implementing AD Connect 5m 45s
  • 8. Demo: Monitoring with AD Connect Health 3m 53s
  • 9. Lecture: SSO and MFA 3m 12s
  • 10. Lecture: Service Principals 1m 40s
  • 11. Demo: Create a Service Principal 3m 12s
  • 12. Demo: App Registration 5m 52s
  • 13. Lecture: Identity Protection 3m 1s
  • 14. Demo: Configure Identity Protection 6m 56s
  • 1. Lecture: Privileged Identity Management (PIM) Overview 7m 59s
  • 2. Demo: Configure Azure PIM 8m 25s
  • 3. Demo: Assign Resource Roles (RBAC) 6m 22s
  • 4. Demo: PIM Role Activation 5m 45s
  • 1. Lecture: Network Overview 3m 33s
  • 2. Demo: Create VNets and Subnets via the Azure Portal and PowerShell 6m 43s
  • 3. Demo: Configure User-Defined Routes and VNet Peering 5m 55s
  • 4. Lecture: Network Security Overview 5m
  • 5. Lecture: Network Security Groups (NSGs) 7m
  • 6. Demo: Create and Configure a NSG 3m 42s
  • 7. Lecture: Azure Load Balancing Services 7m
  • 8. Demo: Create and Configure an Azure Load Balancer 8m
  • 9. Demo: Configure App Gateway 8m
  • 10. Lecture: Azure Firewall 3m
  • 11. Demo: Configure Azure Firewall 21m 38s
  • 12. Lecture: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) 5m 24s
  • 13. Demo: Configure DDoS 3m 20s
  • 14. Demo: Network Watcher 12m 29s
  • 1. Lecture: Virtual Machines (VMs) Overview Part 1 5m 1s
  • 2. Lecture: VMs Overview Part 2 2m 16s
  • 3. Demo: Create a VM 13m 53s
  • 1. Demo: Install Docker and Git for Windows 4m 13s
  • 2. Demo: Prepare Application for Azure Kubernetes Service 4m 26s
  • 3. Demo: Create Azure Container Registry 7m 7s
  • 4. Demo: Run Application on Kubernetes 8m 12s
  • 5. Demo: Create Kubernetes Cluster 7m
  • 1. Lecture: RBAC Overview 5m 28s
  • 2. Demo: Implement Role-Based Access 3m 27s
  • 3. Lecture: Azure Policy 1m 12s
  • 4. Demo: Implement Azure Region Policy 3m 24s
  • 5. Demo: Subscription Policies 6m 19s
  • 6. Lecture: Azure Resource Locks 1m 17s
  • 7. Demo: Implement a Resource Lock 1m 52s
  • 1. Demo: Azure Monitor and Alerts 13m 12s
  • 2. Lecture: Log Analytics 5m 36s
  • 3. Demo: Log Analytics 23m 18s
  • 4. Lecture: Azure Security Center Overview 2m 43s
  • 5. Demo: Prevent and Respond to Threats in Azure Security Center 11m 27s
  • 1. Lecture: Azure SQL Services 4m
  • 2. Demo: Creating an Azure SQL Database 9m 9s
  • 3. Lecture: Design Auditing and Caching Strategies 4m 42s
  • 4. Demo: SQL Long Term Backup Retention 1m 54s
  • 5. Lecture: Cosmos DB 2m 57s
  • 6. Lecture: Cosmos DB Consistency Levels 3m 30s
  • 7. Lecture: Azure Data Lake Store Overview 3m 36s
  • 8. Demo: Implement Security for Azure Data Lake Store 3m 5s
  • 1. Lecture: Storage Account Overview 4m 57s
  • 2. Demo: Create a Storage Account via Portal 4m 57s
  • 3. Demo: Use Storage Explorer with Azure Storage 3m 1s
  • 4. Lecture: Manage Permissions 5m 25s
  • 5. Demo: Create and Manage SAS 4m 15s
  • 6. Lecture: Encryption Keys and Key Vault 59s
  • 1. Lecture: Key Vault Overview 2m 34s
  • 2. Demo: Create a Key Vault Followed by a Key Secret 5m 24s

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