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CBDE: BTA Certified Blockchain Developer - Ethereum

Best Seller 58 Lectures 4h 45m 36s
Prepare for your Blockchain examination with our training course. The CBDE course contains a complete batch of videos that will provide you with profound and thorough knowledge related to Blockchain certification exam. Pass the Blockchain CBDE test with flying colors.
Curriculum For This Course

  • 1. What Are Ethereum Nodes? 3m
  • 2. Communication Of Ethereum Nodes With Clients 4m 5s
  • 3. Blockchain Networks 4m 51s
  • 4. How Blockchain Nodes Operate 3m 22s
  • 5. The Difference Between Private, Consortium and Public Networks 3m 53s
  • 6. How Does Consensus Work? 3m 48s
  • 7. What Exactly Is A Block? 3m 43s
  • 8. How Does Mining Work? 3m 9s
  • 1. The Different Languages On The Ethereum Blockchain 1m 50s
  • 2. What Exactly Is Solidity and Smart Contracts? 5m 8s
  • 3. EVM Assembly and OPCODES 3m 52s
  • 4. Deep Dive Into Gas And Gas Requirements 6m 52s
  • 5. What Is A Merkle Patricia Trie and What Is It Used For? 2m 34s
  • 1. General Description Of Solidity 2m 18s
  • 2. The Typical Layout Of A Solidity File 2m 21s
  • 3. Importing Of Other Files In Solidity 6m 18s
  • 4. Comments In Solidity 3m 14s
  • 5. Solidity Value Type Variables 9m 21s
  • 6. How To Do String Comparisons? 2m 20s
  • 7. We Touch On Arrays In Solidity 7m 53s
  • 8. This Is How To Use Structs In Solidity 7m 4s
  • 9. Let's Get The Most Important Parts About Mappings 12m 31s
  • 10. Function And State Variable Visibility and Getter 9m 8s
  • 11. Function Modifiers 6m 36s
  • 12. The Difference Between View and Pure Functions 4m 53s
  • 13. Fallback Functions In Solidity 9m 22s
  • 14. Global Objects: The Difference Between msg 10m
  • 15. Loops, How They Work And When To Use Them 5m 30s
  • 16. Events In Solidity 2m 50s
  • 17. The Solidity Style Guide 2m 21s
  • 1. What Is An Ethereum Request For Comments? 2m 11s
  • 2. What Exactly Is The ERC20 Token Contract? 2m 23s
  • 3. What Exactly Is The ERC721 Token Contract 4m 48s
  • 1. Inheritance In Solidity 13m 12s
  • 2. What Exactly Is Web3.js? 1m 19s
  • 3. What's The MetaData and the ABI Array? 5m 14s
  • 4. What Is The Difference Between address.send() and address.transfer()? 8m 10s
  • 5. Exceptions In Solidity: Throw, Assert, Require and Revert 7m 42s
  • 6. How The Low-Level Functions .call(), .callcode() and .delegatecall() work 8m 10s
  • 7. How You Can Incorporate Low-Level Assembly In Solidity 3m 13s
  • 1. What Is Truffle? 2m 1s
  • 2. How Does Truffle Work? A Quick Overview! 8m 41s
  • 3. We Run Tests In Truffle 7m 40s
  • 1. General Security Best Practices 3m 6s
  • 2. How Is The Preferred Workflow During Blockchain Development? 2m 49s
  • 3. Best Practices For Upgrades Of The Ecosystem and Bugfixes 3m 57s
  • 4. Best Practice For Interaction With Unknown Sources 4m 12s
  • 5. The Problem Of True Randomness On The Blockchain 2m 40s
  • 6. What Is OpenZeppelin? 2m 19s

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