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Everything About Software Testing from Scratch With Real Time Examples

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Curriculum For This Course

  • 1. Different Phases of Testing 2m 40s
  • 2. QA Role in Planning and Control phase 8m 41s
  • 3. Different types of Test Planning Activities 4m 34s
  • 4. QA Role in Analysis and Design Phase 8m 9s
  • 5. How to analyse Business requirements 6m 5s
  • 6. QA Role in Implementation and Execution phase 9m 1s
  • 7. How to evaluate exit Criteria to signoff the project 4m 15s
  • 8. Test closure activities and Preparing status reports 8m 32s
  • 1. Understanding Testcase Template 4m 15s
  • 2. Facebook example on creating Testcases 11m 42s
  • 3. Factors need to consider in writing Testcase 10m 14s
  • 4. How to think in out of box to test Application 12m 33s
  • 5. How to bring out Negative Testing scenarios in application 11m 47s
  • 6. Importance of Defect ID and Testcase Status 3m 18s
  • 1. Importance of Defect Logging in Application 9m 15s
  • 2. Defect Status- Process to be followed 8m 52s
  • 3. Defect Template Standards 8m 44s
  • 4. How to log Defect effectively following standards 6m 53s
  • 1. Understanding Functional and non functional requirements 4m 27s
  • 2. White box and Black box Testing 4m 4s
  • 3. Smoke Testing & Sanity Testing 10m 3s
  • 4. Regression Testing and its scope 4m 11s
  • 5. Difference between Integration and Unit Testing 4m 57s
  • 6. Verification and validation 5m 45s
  • 7. Load Testing and Stress Testing 5m 21s
  • 1. Waterfall Model Strategies 7m 19s
  • 2. Iterative model Process 4m 40s
  • 3. Agile Methodology Principles 9m 19s
  • 4. Agile Scrum Introduction 4m 34s
  • 5. DIfferent Roles in Scrum and their responsibilities 5m 34s
  • 6. Sprint Planning Meeting and Daily Scrum 7m 15s
  • 7. Sprint Review Meeting and Sprint Retrospective Meeting 5m 25s
  • 8. Backlog Refinement Meeting 6m 6s
  • 1. Template in writing Business requirements 6m 23s
  • 2. QA role in BDD 8m 48s
  • 3. Template in writing testcases for Business Scenarios 6m 36s
  • 4. Advantages of BDD, Why it is getting popular? 8m 3s
  • 1. Defect Management tool- Bugzilla 6m 40s
  • 2. Bugzilla features- Logging a bug 8m 45s
  • 3. Bugzilla features -Search Mechanisim for tracking bugs 6m 44s
  • 4. Common practises in Bugzilla tool 8m 19s
  • 5. Bugzilla preference feature 6m 40s
  • 1. Introduction to SQL and MySQL 16m 11s
  • 2. Downloading MySQL server with workbench 7m 29s
  • 3. Overview of SQL Editor with basic features 5m 26s
  • 4. creating Database and pointing to it 4m 47s
  • 5. Creating Tables in database 8m 1s
  • 6. Inserting records into Table 7m 55s
  • 7. Retrieving records from the Table 6m 22s
  • 8. Select Distinct keyword in queris 6m 50s
  • 9. SQL WHERE command usage 9m 27s
  • 10. Logical operators on Queries AND OR - 1 7m 7s
  • 11. Logical operators 'In' 'Between'- 2 8m 37s
  • 12. Regular expressions Introduction 7m 18s
  • 13. Wild cards usage in Qeuries -1 8m 4s
  • 1. What is SQL Injecting 7m 32s
  • 2. How to identify SQL loop holes in web application 13m 19s
  • 3. Exposing Security loop holes with malcious SQL syntax 9m 20s
  • 4. List of urls Pattern which can cause attack with SQL 7m 34s
  • 1. Jmeter Introduction 6m 42s
  • 2. Jmeter Architecture 5m 4s
  • 3. Jmeter Installation and Configuration 5m 4s
  • 4. Jmeter Tool overview 6m 11s
  • 5. Recording the application under test with Jmeter 11m 12s
  • 6. Recording and playback Jmeter Scripts 7m 42s
  • 7. Importance of Thread Group in Jmeter 9m 48s
  • 8. Putting load on application with Thread group 11m 12s

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