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The Financial Environment and Investment Course: The Financial Environment & Investment Course

Best Seller 103 Lectures 5h 31m 55s
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Curriculum For This Course

  • 1. Capital Markets - raising equity and debt capital 7m 20s
  • 2. Advisory - M&A and Restructuring services 7m 55s
  • 3. Trading and Brokerage - trading with financial securities 3m 11s
  • 4. Asset Management - the ability to use money to make more money 4m 3s
  • 1. Why would a company want to go public? 2m 25s
  • 2. Who are the investors in an IPO? 3m 5s
  • 3. Coming up with a share price 3m 49s
  • 4. What does an IPO timetable look like? 3m 52s
  • 5. The IPO syndicate - members and responsibilities 3m 9s
  • 6. Allocating shares to investors - who gets what 1m 48s
  • 7. Other ways to place equity capital - SEOs and Private Placements 1m 32s
  • 1. The four different types of bonds 2m 41s
  • 2. Why issue a bond? 3m 52s
  • 3. The mechanics of a bond offering 3m 58s
  • 4. What is securitization and why can it be useful? 3m 21s
  • 5. Loan Syndication - a preferred instrument for most banks nowadays 2m 33s
  • 1. Why acquire another company? 5m 34s
  • 2. Describing the typical deal lifecycles and buyer companies 3m 16s
  • 3. The three types of M&A processes 2m 51s
  • 4. A detailed description of an M&A process 39s
  • 5. Valuation of target companies 3m 59s
  • 6. Payment options in M&A deals 4m 10s
  • 7. Financial vs 2m 23s
  • 1. Restructuring services - why and when 2m 10s
  • 2. The different types of Restructuring 4m 51s
  • 1. How investment banks profit from Trading and Brokerage 3m 7s
  • 2. The different types of financial securities traded by investment banks 4m 17s
  • 1. Why hire Investment banks as asset managers? 1m 32s
  • 2. A risk-return comparison of different investments 2m 58s
  • 1. Why value a company? 1m 37s
  • 2. How much is a company worth for an investor? 3m 13s
  • 3. The two variables that drive a firm's value 1m 57s
  • 4. The mechanism of Unlevered Cash Flow Calculation 4m 33s
  • 5. Introducing a discount factor - Weighted Average Cost of Capital 3m 58s
  • 6. Calculating a firm's cost of debt 55s
  • 7. Calculating a firm's cost of equity 4m 41s
  • 8. Estimating a company's future cash flows 2m 32s
  • 9. The two stages of a DCF model 2m 24s
  • 10. Discounting cash flows and terminal value 1m 44s
  • 11. Calculating Enterprise and Equity value 1m 10s
  • 1. What is a Financial model? 2m 2s
  • 2. Why use a Financial model? 2m 35s
  • 3. Inefficient financial modeling practices 5m 49s
  • 4. Efficient financial modeling practices 4m 58s
  • 5. Different types of financial models we can build 4m 42s
  • 6. The right level of detail we should use when building a 5 or 10-year model 2m 35s
  • 7. The right way to approach the forecasting exercise 2m 51s
  • 8. Building complete financial models 2m 15s
  • 9. Forecasting P&L items 5m 58s
  • 10. Forecasting Balance sheet items (1/2) 2m 35s
  • 11. Forecasting Balance sheet items (2/2) 5m 8s
  • 1. The stages of a complete DCF Valuation 6m 16s
  • 2. Let's go through the structure of the DCF model we will create in Excel 2m 53s
  • 3. A glimpse at the company we are valuing - Cheeseco 1m 9s
  • 1. Modeling the top line 3m 39s
  • 2. This Is how you can build flexible financial models in Excel 2m 12s
  • 3. Modeling other items: Other revenues and Cogs 3m 46s
  • 4. Modeling other items: Operating expenses and D&A 2m 33s
  • 5. Modeling Other Items: Interest expenses, Extraordinary items and Taxes 2m 28s
  • 1. How to forecast Balance Sheet items - The practical and easy to understand way 43s
  • 2. Learn how to calculate "Days" 1m 30s
  • 3. How to use "Days" to project the future development of BS items 2m 23s
  • 4. Forecasting Property Plant & Equipment, Other assets and Other liabilities 2m 27s
  • 1. Excel best practices! Create a good-looking and clean output sheet in your model 2m 36s
  • 2. Applying what we learned in practice - Populating the P&L sheet 2m 14s
  • 3. This is how you can create a clean output Balance Sheet in your Financial Model 1m 49s
  • 4. Completing the output BS sheet for the historical period 3m 41s
  • 1. Learn how to calculate Unlevered Free Cash Flows 3m 5s
  • 2. Important! Reconcile UFCF to Net Cash Flow 1m 55s
  • 3. A very useful lesson! Cash flow calculation 6m 1s
  • 4. Arriving to actual Net Cash Flow figures and performing a check with Cash 3m 56s
  • 5. The fast and effective way to modify multiple cell references in Excel 3m 52s
  • 1. Introducing Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) and perpetuity growth rate 1m 56s
  • 2. Learn how to find the present value of future Cash Flows in Financial Models 2m 50s
  • 1. Calculating Continuing Value and Enterprise value of the Business 2m 17s
  • 2. Final steps! Calculating Equity Value of the business 1m 22s
  • 1. Sensitivity analysis for WACC and perpetuity growth 4m 17s
  • 2. An application of Goal Seek 1m 40s
  • 3. Recap of the Financial Model with charts and hypothesis testing 4m 38s
  • 1. Why do we use multiples? 3m 51s
  • 2. What types of multiples are there? 2m 38s
  • 3. Finding the right comparable companies 1m 43s
  • 4. The most widely used multiples 3m 11s
  • 5. Best practices that ensure accurate calculation of multiples 2m 2s
  • 1. What is an LBO? 2m 5s
  • 2. The phases of an LBO process 1m 44s
  • 3. When is an LBO a feasible option? 3m 23s
  • 4. Making money in an LBO 3m 53s
  • 5. Who are the lenders in an LBO? 3m 58s
  • 1. Introduction to the model we will build 5m 4s
  • 2. Establishing the maximum amount of debt that can be used in the transaction 4m 16s
  • 3. Financial sponsors' perspective 2m 25s
  • 4. Forecasting financials until EBIT 5m 17s
  • 5. The optimal debt structure 2m 59s
  • 6. Estimating cash flows and debt payments 3m 15s
  • 7. Completing the model for the period 2018-2021 4m 17s
  • 8. Calculating Enterprise Value and IRR 5m 1s
  • 9. Performing sensitivity analysis 4m 2s

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