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AdWords Shopping Advertising: Google AdWords: Shopping Advertising

Best Seller 38 Lectures 2h 36m 53s
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Curriculum For This Course

  • 1. What is Keyword Research and how to do it? 7m 13s
  • 2. Keyword Match Types in Adwords 2m 43s
  • 1. Search Ad Campaign Creation 19m 1s
  • 2. Display Advertising Campaign Creation 15m 31s
  • 3. How to Create Display Ad Banners Yourself without Hiring a Designer? 4m 39s
  • 4. Video Ad Creation and Advertisng on Youtube 7m 1s
  • 5. Advertising Your App on Playstore and other Google Networks 3m 40s
  • 1. What is Remarketing and how to do it? 8m 58s
  • 2. Remarketing with Customer List (Email/Phone) 1m 37s
  • 3. Conversion Tracking in Google Adwords 5m 30s
  • 4. Tracking Custom Campaign URLs on Google Analytics 3m 2s
  • 1. Differences between AdWords and Google Merchant 3m
  • 2. Visual difference of Google Shopping ads vs 2m
  • 3. Creating your merchant account 3m
  • 4. More on website verification 2m
  • 5. Creating your first data feed 2m
  • 6. Beginning to fill out your data feed 3m
  • 7. Filling out the product feed 2m
  • 8. Correctly setting your title attribute 5m
  • 9. Optimizing the description field in your product feed 3m
  • 10. Linking your AdWords account 1m
  • 11. Another way to upload your product feed: From your ads setup dashboard 1m
  • 12. When you have a large product feed file 2m
  • 13. Almost there - creating your campaign 2m
  • 14. Starting to run the ads 2m
  • 1. How to begin running your ads from AdWords 4m
  • 2. What if the product doesn't get many clicks at first? 3m
  • 3. How to get cheaper clicks with the Ad-rank and how to boost it 5m
  • 4. More ad attributes: Strategy to decrease cost of clicks & getting more exposure 2m
  • 1. How to set up Analytics for your AdWords clicks 3m
  • 1. Change to accelerated bidding 1m
  • 1. Supplemental app resources to aid you in your business 3m
  • 1. Keyword exercise to try 4m
  • 2. Decisiveness: Start and stop planning & key to success from business literature 4m
  • 3. Working on your business vs 5m

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