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PHR: Professional in Human Resources

Best Seller 50 Lectures 5h 46m 7s
Prepare for your HRCI examination with our training course. The PHR course contains a complete batch of videos that will provide you with profound and thorough knowledge related to HRCI certification exam. Pass the HRCI PHR test with flying colors.
Curriculum For This Course

  • 1. Introduction to Section #2 2m 27s
  • 2. 4 Items needed prior to starting a new job search 7m 22s
  • 3. Go where the recruiters are (i.e., How to think like a Recruiter) 5m 37s
  • 4. How to create an amazing searchable LinkedIn Profile 7m 58s
  • 5. Let's review my LinkedIn Profile 8m 35s
  • 6. Let's conduct a job search on www.Indeed.com 9m 5s
  • 1. Introduction to Section #3 2m 34s
  • 2. Foundations of Applying for a Job 9m 31s
  • 3. Understanding the Components of a Job Description & Online Application 7m 6s
  • 4. How to Answer Tough Questions on an Application (i.e., felony, termination, etc) 7m 28s
  • 1. Introduction to Section #4 2m 6s
  • 2. Interviewing 101: Foundations for Interviewing Success 10m 56s
  • 3. How Common Interviewer Mistakes Can Work in Your Favor 9m 30s
  • 4. Distractions That Quickly Eliminate You 12m 20s
  • 5. What To Do Before an Interview: Preparation 10m 22s
  • 6. What To Do During an Interview: Engagement 11m 49s
  • 7. What To Do After an Interview: Communication 7m 41s
  • 1. Introduction to Section #5 2m 28s
  • 2. How we fall behind financially 9m 23s
  • 3. How to determine how much you should be paid 6m 40s
  • 4. Items to negotiate in addition to your salary 8m 47s
  • 5. On-Boarding 101: Demystifying the myth of what gets verified 7m 9s
  • 6. How to decline a negotiated job offer 5m 6s
  • 1. Introduction to Section #6 2m 40s
  • 2. Types of Growth: Career Lattice versus Career Ladder 3m 59s
  • 3. Being Tapped for a Promotion versus Applying 12m 42s
  • 4. Interviewing Internally: What to do Before, During, and After 4m 40s
  • 5. Negotiating, Transitioning and Starting a New Job 7m 58s
  • 1. Introduction to Section #7 1m 43s
  • 2. Addressing the Many Barriers that Black Job Seekers Face 9m 47s
  • 3. Laws Established to Protect Us 6m 18s
  • 4. Alternative Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door 6m 46s
  • 1. Introduction to Section #8 2m 30s
  • 2. How Diversity Impacts Our Ability to Be Successful 6m 25s
  • 3. How Companies Show Proof of Diversity 9m 10s
  • 1. Introduction to Section #9 2m 37s
  • 2. How to Resign from Your Job 8m 47s
  • 3. How to Handle the Common, but Unexpected 6m 50s
  • 4. How to Properly Transition and Say Goodbye 4m 47s
  • 1. Introduction to Section #10 3m 25s
  • 2. How Exposure Can Change a Mindset (i.e., Show Me, Don't Tell Me) 5m 56s
  • 3. Everyday Matters: 2,920 Starts in High School 5m 16s
  • 4. Everyday Matters: College Considerations 4m 33s
  • 5. Creating Your Own Resume with the End in Mind 5m 28s

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