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CRISC: Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control

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Prepare for your Isaca examination with our training course. The CRISC course contains a complete batch of videos that will provide you with profound and thorough knowledge related to Isaca certification exam. Pass the Isaca CRISC test with flying colors.
Curriculum For This Course

  • 1. Module Overview 2m
  • 2. What does "IT Risk Identification" mean? 4m
  • 3. What is the difference between risk capacity, appetite and tolerance? 6m
  • 4. What is a company's "risk culture"? 6m
  • 5. How to carry out the correct communication of risks? 4m
  • 6. What are the elements that make up a risk? 4m
  • 7. What is the terminology for identifying risks? 6m
  • 8. What are "risk factors"? 4m
  • 9. What are the main public sources of vulnerabilities? 1m
  • 10. What is a "vulnerability assessment"? 3m
  • 11. What are the key principles for information security risks? 5m
  • 12. How can the risk professional avoid being seen as obstructive? 3m
  • 13. What are the roles involved in the risk management process? 4m
  • 14. What are the methods of identifying risks? 2m
  • 15. What is the risk identification process? 2m
  • 16. What is a "risk scenario"? 4m
  • 17. What is the risk register? 2m
  • 18. What are risk awareness programs? 2m
  • 19. Key Points 6m
  • 20. Thank you! 1m
  • 1. Module Overview 2m
  • 2. But after all, what has not yet been done in identifying risks? 4m
  • 3. What are the techniques used to assess IT risks? 2m
  • 4. What are the factors that affect the calculation of risk assessment? 7m
  • 5. What are the types of security controls? 4m
  • 6. How to check the current state of security controls? 5m
  • 7. What other sources of risk should be evaluated? 3m
  • 8. How is IT risk assessment done? 3m
  • 9. What are the methodologies for risk assessment? 3m
  • 10. How is risk classification performed? 3m
  • 11. Key Points 5m
  • 12. Thank You! 1m
  • 1. Module Overview 1m
  • 2. Is not it just eliminating all the identified risks? 3m
  • 3. What are the options for responding to risks? 7m
  • 4. What are the key techniques for determining the best response to risks? 4m
  • 5. What are the types of risks? 3m
  • 6. Key Points 3m
  • 7. Thank You! 2m
  • 1. Module Overview 2m
  • 2. What are Key Risk Indicators? 4m
  • 3. What are the benefits of KRIs? 2m
  • 4. What are key performance indicators? 3m
  • 5. What data sources can be used for risk monitoring and reporting? 7m
  • 6. What are the types of assessments of safety controls and risks? 4m
  • 7. Key Points 3m
  • 8. Thank You! 3m
  • 1. Module Overview 1m
  • 2. Requirements 5m
  • 3. About the Test 4m

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