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Lean Management Professional - Applications of Toyota TPS: Lean Management Professional | Applications of Toyota TPS

Best Seller 29 Lectures 3h 54s
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Curriculum For This Course

  • 1. Value added and non value added activities 10m 38s
  • 2. 3Ms: Muda, Muri, Mura 5m 24s
  • 3. Seven Lean wastes 4m 54s
  • 4. Value stream mapping 11m 12s
  • 5. Kaizen 6m 3s
  • 1. Creating Lean processes 3m 44s
  • 2. Continuous flow and pull system 8m 4s
  • 3. Kanban 1 5m 2s
  • 4. Kanban 2 10m 6s
  • 5. Takt time and future state VSM 6m 10s
  • 6. Heijunka 8m 32s
  • 7. Work cell layouts 4m 10s
  • 1. 5S housekeeping 1 6m 26s
  • 2. 5S housekeeping 2 4m 42s
  • 3. SMED 6m 2s
  • 4. Cycle time reduction 4m
  • 5. Total productive maintenance 5m 40s
  • 1. Problem solving toyota way 2m 6s
  • 2. PDCA cycle of problem solving 4m 40s
  • 3. JIDOKA and autonomation 5m 28s
  • 4. Build a culture that stops to fix problems 5m 49s
  • 1. Minimizing line stoppage 6m 32s
  • 2. Organizing for Lean 5m 2s
  • 3. Make technology fit with people 3m 52s
  • 4. Developing exceptional people and partners 5m 8s
  • 5. Lean implementation tactics 7m 37s

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