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98-361: Software Development Fundamentals

Best Seller 48 Lectures 5h 45m
Prepare for your Microsoft examination with our training course. The 98-361 course contains a complete batch of videos that will provide you with profound and thorough knowledge related to Microsoft certification exam. Pass the Microsoft 98-361 test with flying colors.
Curriculum For This Course

  • 1. Introduction to Variables 16m
  • 2. Data Types 11m
  • 3. Variable Operators 9m
  • 1. If-Statements and Conditional Logic 4m
  • 1. Functions 22m
  • 2. File Input/Output 26m
  • 1. An Overview of the 1st Game Developed in C# 1m
  • 2. Design The Math Quiz Game 21m
  • 3. Adding the Start Button 5m
  • 4. Start Coding 15m
  • 5. Adding a Countdown Timer 13m
  • 6. Code the CheckTheAnswer Method 7m
  • 7. Coding the Subtraction Problem 10m
  • 8. Coding the Multiplication and the Division Problem 11m
  • 1. Introduction to Object-oriented Programming 16m
  • 2. Objects and Classes 9m
  • 3. Methods 5m
  • 4. Encapsulation and Data Hiding 7m
  • 5. Message Passing 4m
  • 6. Inheritance 10m
  • 7. Polymorphism 6m
  • 8. Generalization and Specification 3m
  • 9. Links and Associations 7m
  • 1. Introduction to SQL 4m
  • 2. Why SQL is so important? 2m
  • 3. Setting up XAMPP, Apache, MySQL Database Server and SQLYOG as a Database Client 5m
  • 4. Starting Database Services 2m
  • 5. Creating our 1st Database 4m
  • 6. Dropping your 1st Database and Recreating it 3m
  • 7. Creating our First Tables in our Database 6m
  • 8. Dropping Tables in a Database 1m
  • 9. Insert Statements 4m
  • 10. Create a Table based on Another Table 2m
  • 11. Select Statement 1m
  • 12. Where Clause 4m
  • 13. Operators in SQL Statements 4m
  • 14. Update Data using Update Queries 4m
  • 15. Delete Data with Delete Statements 2m
  • 16. Like Operators in Where Clause 3m
  • 17. Limit Data using LIMIT/ TOP/ ROWNUM in MYSQL/ MSSQL/ Oracle Databases 4m
  • 18. Using Order-By Clause to Order Data 3m
  • 19. Using Group-By Clause to Group Data Based on Columns 4m
  • 20. Using Distinct Clause To Return only Unique Values 3m
  • 21. TRUNCATE TABLE Command to Delete the Data Inside a Table and Conclusions 4m

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