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Outsourcing Practices for Guaranteeing Project Success

Best Seller 66 Lectures 9h 26m 8s
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Curriculum For This Course

  • 1. Where to find outsourcing firms and freelancers 7m 13s
  • 2. Introduction to Elance 19m 13s
  • 3. Going further in-depth with Elance 2m 26s
  • 4. Introduction to UpWork 19m 21s
  • 5. Going further in-depth with Upwork 5m 35s
  • 6. Introduction to Freelancer 8m 44s
  • 7. Using alternative techniques and platforms to find contractors 5m 22s
  • 1. Planning your subcontracting strategy 8m 6s
  • 2. Deciding between a firm or a freelancer 19m 34s
  • 3. Country profiles & how to pick your ideal combination 18m 16s
  • 4. The relationship between Price & Autonomy 7m 49s
  • 5. The Goldilocks syndrome 7m 21s
  • 1. Writing a title that attracts the right bids 8m 47s
  • 2. Hands on with writing titles 12m 21s
  • 3. Writing the perfect description 10m 48s
  • 4. Getting hands on with writing descriptions 14m 53s
  • 5. Getting the settings right 18m 45s
  • 1. Rapid cycling posts 4m 36s
  • 2. The $50 test 3m 56s
  • 3. The "Keyer" question strategy 7m 24s
  • 4. Repeating the project back to you 3m 54s
  • 5. Getting them off the platform 4m 4s
  • 6. The long term strategy 5m 17s
  • 7. Using messaging to your advantage 6m 57s
  • 8. Fixed rate vs per hour? Use our technique instead 9m 10s
  • 9. The Specializations strategy 6m 7s
  • 1. 5 pillars for evaluating contractors 16m 15s
  • 2. 6 red flags for contractors 7m 33s
  • 3. How important is site reputation? 4m 34s
  • 4. Understanding your response rate 4m 22s
  • 5. How to handle extra work and specifications 1m 52s
  • 6. What is good? Avoid this trap 8m 45s
  • 7. How to treat referrals 2m 58s
  • 8. Is outsourcing a long term solution? 5m 39s
  • 9. Legality with outsourcing 10m 39s
  • 10. Outsourcing & Protecting your IP 8m 57s
  • 1. Creating an overview 5m 35s
  • 2. Creating a functions list 10m 13s
  • 3. Example: Creating our functions list 10m 16s
  • 4. Adding pages 19m 31s
  • 5. Creating the user section 11m 7s
  • 6. Creating the parameters list 10m 33s
  • 7. Adding comments 2m 33s
  • 8. Intro to Balsamiq 19m 31s
  • 9. Going further with Balsamiq 3m 8s
  • 10. An example site made in Balsamiq 3m 4s
  • 1. What to look for in their language 9m 28s
  • 2. Further analyzing language 13m 43s
  • 3. The response rate test 6m 13s
  • 4. Dissecting their bid amount 10m 51s
  • 1. Getting acquainted with Asana, the king of project management tools 12m 10s
  • 2. Going further with Asana 9m 46s
  • 1. Becoming a bug hunting master 10m 48s
  • 2. Bug hunting on mobile 4m 43s
  • 3. Some thoughts on bug hunting 1m 23s
  • 4. TIP: Accelerate your testing this way 33s
  • 1. Low quality work 5m 54s
  • 2. Missing Deadlines 8m 1s
  • 3. Repeatedly missing bugs 5m 51s
  • 4. They ask for money upfront 4m 57s
  • 5. They bid and disappear 3m 59s
  • 6. Contractor raises their price 7m 49s

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