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Improving Productivity with Python Programing

Best Seller 51 Lectures 9h 29m
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Curriculum For This Course

  • 1. Flow Charts and Basic Flow Control Concepts 8m
  • 2. If, Else, and Elif Statements 11m
  • 3. While Loops 10m
  • 4. For Loops 7m
  • 1. Python's Built-In Functions 6m
  • 2. Writing Your Own Functions 12m
  • 3. Global and Local Scopes 12m
  • 1. The List Data Type 13m
  • 2. For Loops with Lists, Multiple Assignment, and Augmented Operators 9m
  • 3. List Methods 11m
  • 4. Similarities Between Lists and Strings 16m
  • 1. The Dictionary Data Type 19m
  • 2. Data Structures 11m
  • 1. Advanced String Syntax 9m
  • 2. String Methods 19m
  • 3. String Formatting 3m
  • 1. Launching Python Programs from Outside IDLE 14m
  • 1. Regular Expression Basics 13m
  • 2. Regex Groups and the Pipe Character 7m
  • 3. Repetition in Regex Patterns and Greedy/Nongreedy Matching 16m
  • 4. Regex Character Classes and the findall() Method 15m
  • 5. Regex Dot-Star and the Caret/Dollar Characters 17m
  • 6. Regex sub() Method and Verbose Mode 13m
  • 7. Regex Example Program: A Phone and Email Scraper 20m
  • 1. Filenames and Absolute/Relative File Paths 20m
  • 2. Reading and Writing Plaintext Files 13m
  • 3. Copying and Moving Files and Folders 5m
  • 4. Deleting Files 7m
  • 5. Walking a Directory Tree 9m
  • 1. The raise and assert Statements 17m
  • 2. Logging 10m
  • 3. Using the Debugger 14m
  • 1. The webbrowser Module 11m
  • 2. Downloading from the Web with the Requests Module 7m
  • 3. Parsing HTML with the Beautiful Soup Module 13m
  • 4. Controlling the Browser with the Selenium Module 10m
  • 1. Reading Excel Spreadsheets 9m
  • 2. Editing Excel Spreadsheets 6m
  • 3. Reading and Editing PDFs 14m
  • 4. Reading and Editing Word Documents 14m
  • 1. Sending Emails 9m
  • 2. Checking Your Email Inbox 15m
  • 1. Controlling the Mouse from Python 14m
  • 2. Controlling the Keyboard from Python 6m
  • 3. Screenshots and Image Recognition 8m
  • 4. Congratulations! (And next steps...) 1m

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