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REST API Automation Complete Course: REST API Automation Complete Course

Best Seller 57 Lectures 10h 48m 11s
Prepare for your Microsoft examination with our training course. The No_code course contains a complete batch of videos that will provide you with profound and thorough knowledge related to Microsoft certification exam. Pass the Microsoft No_code test with flying colors.
Curriculum For This Course

  • 1. Automating POST request with payload 6m 57s
  • 2. Grabbing the response body into String for Advance validations 11m 45s
  • 3. Passing the response values into subsequent requests 8m 39s
  • 4. Optimizing the scripts by centralizing the data 12m 39s
  • 5. Datadriven testing best practises 8m 57s
  • 6. Validating Advanced xml responses 15m 35s
  • 7. Shortcut methods to convert Rawdata to xml/Json 13m 57s
  • 8. Parsing Json response to extract values 13m 53s
  • 9. Logging feature to debug automation scripts 12m 14s
  • 1. How Jira API Works? 11m 3s
  • 2. Cookie Authentication API for Jira requests 16m 25s
  • 3. Jira GET,POST API Scripting for creating bugs 10m 15s
  • 4. End to end Solved examples on automating Jira API 16m 1s
  • 5. Adding comment API using POST and PUT 14m 35s
  • 6. Jira API scripting examples with response validations 7m 1s
  • 1. Introduction to Twitter API 9m 44s
  • 2. Understanding OAuth Authentication Mechanism 6m 40s
  • 3. Retrieve Tweets from the Account with API's 10m 21s
  • 4. Publish Tweets to your account with the API calls 11m 23s
  • 5. Delete the Tweets from API 9m 14s
  • 6. OAuth Authentication setup for Rest Assured Scripts 14m 7s
  • 7. Scripting Exercises on Twitter API -1 11m 20s
  • 8. Scripting Exercises on Twitter API -2 7m 11s
  • 1. Converting Project to TESTNG framework 13m 48s
  • 2. How does Maven works? Installation and usages 12m 18s
  • 3. Creating Maven REST API test Project 10m 35s
  • 4. End to end testing API's on Maven Project 12m 3s
  • 5. Generating reports and creating BAT file 12m 13s
  • 1. Introducion to TestNg Framework 3m 46s
  • 2. Environment setup in eclipse 4m 26s
  • 3. TestNG Annotations basics 11m 34s
  • 4. Annotations discussion continued.. 13m 9s
  • 5. TestNg Annotations conclusion 25m 12s
  • 6. Prioritizing the testcases with TESTNG 7m 46s
  • 7. Enabling and disabling the scripts with testng controls 6m 26s
  • 8. Importance of TESTNG xml file 8m 15s
  • 1. Java first program basics 8m 34s
  • 2. Java program principles 8m 32s
  • 3. Classes,objects in Java 17m 53s
  • 4. Strings in Java 15m 54s
  • 5. String Practise exercises 9m 22s
  • 6. What is Interface? 11m 22s
  • 7. How Java classes can take advantage of Interface? 10m 10s
  • 8. Usage of Inheritance in Java 10m 58s
  • 9. Practical examples on types of inheritances 7m 30s
  • 10. Introduction to Arrays 8m 56s
  • 11. Single dimensional and Multidimensional arrays usage 12m 37s

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