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Building a Test Framework with Selenium WebDriver using Java

Best Seller 70 Lectures 6h 13m 14s
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Curriculum For This Course

  • 1. Creating the Login Test Outline 4m 20s
  • 2. Opening a Web Browser with Selenium 4m 44s
  • 3. Understanding HTML and the DOM 3m 34s
  • 4. Finding Elements using Chrome 3m 23s
  • 5. Simulating User Actions on a Web Page 5m 39s
  • 6. Capturing Text on a Page 3m 1s
  • 7. Capturing the Page Title and Closing the Browser 3m 50s
  • 1. Overview of New Account Application 2m 31s
  • 2. Preparing Environment with Firefox and Firebug 4m 6s
  • 3. Writing the Test Outline and Opening a Firefox Browser 3m 27s
  • 4. Item Locator: By LinkText 3m 4s
  • 5. Item Locator: By Name and By ID 3m 41s
  • 6. Item Locator: By XPath (Relative and Absolute) 8m 22s
  • 7. Item Locator: By CSS Selector 5m 16s
  • 8. Comparing Methods and Priority 3m 38s
  • 9. Interacting with Form Elements 10m 15s
  • 10. Completing the New Account Application 1m 45s
  • 1. Using Variables to Parameterize Data 4m 48s
  • 2. Cross-Browser Testing 5m 6s
  • 3. Creating the DriverFactory 9m 36s
  • 4. Defining WebElements 6m 7s
  • 5. The Radio Button Algorithm 5m 11s
  • 6. The Checkbox Algorithm 4m 56s
  • 7. Conditional Test Results 5m 46s
  • 1. Introduction to JUnit Framework 5m 47s
  • 2. Assertions: Generate Test Results 4m 21s
  • 3. Annotations: Guiding the Test Flow 3m 34s
  • 4. Class Variables within a Framework 4m 53s
  • 5. Installing TestNG Framework in Eclipse 2m 34s
  • 6. Setting up a TestNG Framework 5m 50s
  • 7. TestNG Assertions 3m 14s
  • 8. TestNG Annotations 5m 36s
  • 9. Preparing a Test Suite 11m 56s
  • 10. Managing an XML Test Suite 5m 18s
  • 1. The CSV Reader Class 8m 3s
  • 2. JUnit @Parameters 10m 58s
  • 3. Data-Driven Testing with JUnit and CSV 12m 47s
  • 4. The Excel Reader Class 7m 59s
  • 5. TestNG @DataProvider 4m 45s
  • 6. Data-Driven Testing with TestNG and Excel 5m 32s
  • 1. Overview of Booking Application 2m 2s
  • 2. Setting up the Test 3m 52s
  • 3. Writing the Search Page Test Step 7m 58s
  • 4. Modifying the Search Result Criteria (Implicit Waits) 10m 41s
  • 5. Selected a Search Result (Advanced XPath Locators) 11m 6s
  • 6. Switching Windows and Handling PopUps 7m 49s
  • 7. Finishing the Booking and Confirmation 8m 28s
  • 1. What is the Page Object Model? 6m 6s
  • 2. Setting up a Test with POM 3m 32s
  • 3. Implementing the Login Page Class 6m 25s
  • 4. Implementing the Dashboard Page Class 4m 20s
  • 5. Writing a Test with Page Objects 6m 22s
  • 6. Enhance POM with PageFactory 10m 54s
  • 1. What is BDD and Cucumber? 1m 22s
  • 2. Preparing the Cucumber Environment 3m 17s
  • 3. Writing a Feature File in Gherkin 5m 54s
  • 4. Writing Step Definition Class 5m 58s
  • 5. Writing the TestRunner with JUnit 4m 8s
  • 6. Implementing Step Definitions with Selenium 5m 50s
  • 7. Enhancing Feature Files with Data Tables 6m 6s
  • 8. Parameterizing Data into Step Definitions 3m 12s
  • 9. Executing Tests and Fixes 7m 8s

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