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SQL: From design to Mastery Class

Best Seller 38 Lectures 4h 54m 17s
Prepare for your Microsoft examination with our training course. The No_code course contains a complete batch of videos that will provide you with profound and thorough knowledge related to Microsoft certification exam. Pass the Microsoft No_code test with flying colors.
Curriculum For This Course

  • 1. Lets Talk About Tables And How They Are Used In SQL 5m 57s
  • 2. What Would This Database Need If We Were Recreating Stuff? 7m 33s
  • 3. Person Table 15m 4s
  • 1. How to Create Keys In SQL And Why 10m 18s
  • 2. Look What Keys Buy You 1m 50s
  • 1. Adding Data To Your Database 11m 35s
  • 1. Select Statement In SQL 10m 13s
  • 2. The Anatomy of the Select Statement in SQL 3m 45s
  • 3. Select Exercises to Help You Learn SQL Faster 3m 50s
  • 4. What Else Can You Do WIth The Select 17m 5s
  • 5. Lets Talk About The Order By Clause In SQL 6m 54s
  • 6. Where Clause Deep Dive 7m 15s
  • 7. Lets Discuss The Like and the In Statements 8m 2s
  • 8. Basic Database Analytics - Introducing Aggregate Functions 11m 25s
  • 9. More Complex Analytics: Group By Clause 7m 48s
  • 1. What Is A Subquery 9m 27s
  • 1. Inner Join 15m 33s
  • 2. Left Outer Join 7m 27s
  • 1. Introduction to User Defined Functions 2m 6s
  • 2. Scalar Functions 10m 22s
  • 3. Table Functions 4m 52s
  • 1. Lets Talk About Views 5m 24s
  • 1. Insert Statements in SQL 7m 59s
  • 2. Update Statements in SQL 5m 47s
  • 3. SQL Delete Statement 6m 54s
  • 1. Adding Random Data To Play With 7m 56s
  • 2. Adding More Random Data 5m 26s
  • 1. Intro to Pivot and Unpivot 2m 21s
  • 2. Our First Example Of A Pivot 8m 9s
  • 1. A Intro To SQL Profiler 7m 25s
  • 2. A How To On Optimizing Our Datbase 4m 21s
  • 3. Adding Our First Indexes To Our Database 9m 40s
  • 4. Create a Script to Index All Foreign Keys 25m 41s
  • 1. Installing SQL Report Builder 3.0 1m 52s
  • 2. A Very Basic SSRS Report 2m 44s
  • 1. How To Use Templates For Quick Access To SQL 2m 33s

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