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Using Technical Analysis For Trading Stocks

Best Seller 43 Lectures 3h 58m 41s
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Curriculum For This Course

  • 1. Trend analysis is important when trading any security. 6m 16s
  • 2. How to find opportunity in downward trends. 6m 31s
  • 3. Using trend lines to identify the general direction a security is heading. 6m 36s
  • 4. Multiple trend lines and summary. 3m 36s
  • 5. What is the life cycle of a trend? 3m 57s
  • 6. The 4 stages of a trend. 6m 34s
  • 7. Quiz: Can you identify the stages? 53s
  • 8. Solution to the quiz in the previous lecture. 1m 45s
  • 9. Trend life cycle summary. 1m 6s
  • 10. A gap occurs when the stock market closes. 3m 41s
  • 11. Exhaustion & catastrophic gaps and section summary. 4m 2s
  • 1. Getting started with candlestick charting. 5m 55s
  • 2. Bullish & bearish expanded range candles and reversals. 8m 31s
  • 3. Hammers, Shooting Stars, and Dojis. 8m 54s
  • 4. More candlestick patterns and summary. 8m 58s
  • 5. What is the personality of a stock? 4m 46s
  • 6. The practical applications of Average True Rating (ATR). 4m 16s
  • 7. How do we use ATR to determine when we buy/sell a stock? 8m 46s
  • 1. Volume is the fuel that drives stocks. 3m 17s
  • 2. How does light & heavy trading volume influence the price of stocks? 7m 45s
  • 3. Moving averages are a powerful statistic to look at with trending stocks. 6m 52s
  • 4. Identifying trends within moving averages. 6m 33s
  • 5. Golden cross, death cross, and exponential moving averages. 5m 42s
  • 6. Technical indicators offer secondary confirmation. 6m 15s
  • 7. Let's take a look at some additional MACD signals. 6m 40s
  • 8. The Relative Strength Index measures a stocks current condition. 4m 12s
  • 9. Let's take a look at some additional RSI signals. 6m 2s
  • 1. Breaking down the markets. 3m 37s
  • 2. The four major markets in the U.S. 4m 18s
  • 3. Broad market analysis checklist. 6m 14s
  • 4. Sector analysis checklist. 5m 51s
  • 5. How many shares should you purchase? How much money should you risk in a trade? 7m
  • 6. Proper diversification is essential when holding stocks. 3m 17s
  • 7. Position sizing (pt 4m 34s
  • 8. "Plan your trade, then trade your plan." 7m 25s
  • 9. How to use a trading calculator. 5m

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