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3V0-624: VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6.5 - Data Center Virtualization Design

Best Seller 48 Lectures 3h 39m 14s
Prepare for your VMware examination with our training course. The 3V0-624 course contains a complete batch of videos that will provide you with profound and thorough knowledge related to VMware certification exam. Pass the VMware 3V0-624 test with flying colors.
Curriculum For This Course

  • 1. VMFS (Virtual Machine File System) and NFS (Network File System) 3m 59s
  • 2. Array thin provisioning 1m 41s
  • 1. Fibre Channel basics 3m 31s
  • 2. Fibre Channel zoning 2m 44s
  • 3. Fibre Channel masking 1m 49s
  • 4. FCoE basics 1m 42s
  • 5. FCoE adapters 5m 48s
  • 1. iSCSI basics 1m 45s
  • 2. iSCSI initiator types 5m 14s
  • 3. iSCSI target discovery 2m 14s
  • 4. Configuring a software iSCSI initiator 1m 34s
  • 5. Configuring iSCSI port bindings 3m 52s
  • 6. Discovering LUNs 2m 11s
  • 7. Creating a VMFS data store 3m 12s
  • 8. Configuring iSCSI CHAP 2m 31s
  • 9. iSCSI boot LUNs 1m 48s
  • 1. Upgrading VMFS3 to VMFS5 2m 12s
  • 2. Create a new virtual machine 5m 57s
  • 3. Using raw device mappings 4m 18s
  • 4. Modifying VMFS data stores 8m 28s
  • 5. Data-store clusters 9m 29s
  • 6. Configuring storage policies 10m 29s
  • 1. Managing storage filters 4m 38s
  • 2. Storage multipathing basics 4m 38s
  • 3. SATPs (storage array type plugIns) and PSPs (path selection plugins) 3m 51s
  • 4. Configuring PSPs 6m 44s
  • 5. Pluggable Storage Architecture (PSA) 9m 27s
  • 6. APD (all-paths-down) and PDL (permanent device loss) conditions 4m 11s
  • 7. VAAI (vStorage API for Array Integration) and VASA (vStorage APIs for Storage Awareness) 8m 23s
  • 8. VAAI primitives 9m 8s
  • 9. Sharing virtual disks across VMs 4m 46s
  • 1. NFS basics 3m 40s
  • 2. Creating an NFS data store 2m 13s
  • 3. Manage NFS data stores 2m 52s
  • 4. NFS 3 and NFS 4.1 4m 31s
  • 1. VVOL basics 6m 1s
  • 2. VVOL objects 4m 3s
  • 3. Storage providers and VVOLs 4m 8s
  • 4. Configuring VVOLs 4m 36s
  • 1. VSAN basics 6m 28s
  • 2. VSAN objects and network 7m 36s
  • 3. VSAN fault domains 3m 45s
  • 4. Configuring VSAN 7m 19s
  • 5. Configure storage policies for VSAN 4m 32s
  • 6. Using VSAN Observer 6m 26s
  • 1. SIOC basics 4m 16s
  • 2. Configuring SIOC 3m 56s

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